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Turkish Baklava Flavoured Coffee Capsules – Nespresso Compatible Aluminium Coffee Pods



Your taste buds will be enveloped in a blissful dance as you indulge in this aromatic Arabica coffee that’s infused with beautiful notes of roasted nuts, honeyed sweetness, and warm spices that embody the soul of traditional baklava.

Roast Profile: Medium-Dark


A sweet and nutty, specialty ‘AA’ grade flavoured Arabica coffee, has an intensity of 7/10

Taste Notes: Baklava, Roasted Nuts & Spice

Brewing Suggestion

This flavoured Arabica coffee is very versatile and tastes best as an Espresso, Cappuccino and Macchiato (iced or warm).

Compatibility – Nespresso* Original machines only.

Shelf Life – 12 months from date of manufacture