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Mysore Nuggets AAA Grade Arabica Coffee Capsules – Nespresso Compatible Aluminium Coffee Pods



Mysore Nuggets are the most premium washed Arabica coffees from India. The beans are extra-bold which denotes their large size and these ‘Arabica AAA’ beans are the highest grade of Indian coffee. People compare these large, virtually perfect beans to gold nuggets. This South Indian specialty blend is dark roasted, aromatic, and balanced in sweetness.

Roast Profile: Medium-Dark


A 100% Arabica, dark roasted blend that has an intensity of 7/10

Taste Notes: Cocoa and Spices

In India, only 2% of AAA graded Arabica beans meet Mysore Nugget’s size and uniformity making them extremely special.

Brewing Suggestion

This speciality coffee is best enjoyed without milk, brew it as an Espresso or Americano to experience its distinctive taste.

Compatibility –  Nespresso* Original machines only.

Shelf Life – 18 months from date of manufacture