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Monsooned Malabar Pour Over Coffee Bags

1 box of 10 servings 


Gently aged by monsoon winds, these Indian AA specialty Arabica beans are transformed into beautifully aged wonders. A process that’s inspired from the extensive sea voyages of Indian coffee during the British Raj.

Roast Profile: Medium

An earthy and spiced, specialty ‘AA’ Arabica coffee, with an intensity of 5/10

This medium roasted blend offers a rich cup with notes of salted caramel, wood, cedar, and subtle spice.

Brewing Instructions: Brew Artisanal Coffee in just 4 steps. Just tear open the filter inside the sachet, place the filter over a cup, and pour hot water evenly to brew an instant yet invigorating cup of coffee.

Best Before: 9 Months from date of packaging (Nitro flushed to preserve freshness)